For most people, deciding whether to sell their jewelry (and, if so, how) is a mysterious, frustrating prospect. I make it simple and clear by quickly laying out all of your options.

First, I identify and grade your item(s) and we discuss what you have. Then, I provide Broker’s Price Opinions based on three decades of experience of selling jewelry for owners. I sell in one of three ways:

  • Quick sales (three to five days) to buyers all over the country in the diamond, gemstone, jewelry, and precious metal trades.

  • Long-term consignment (usually with twelve-month agreement) to market items to end users.

  • Auction venues, for appropriate items.

Based on these options, I recommend a price and specify my commission. But I don't stop there. I ask, is there a better way for you to sell? How might you go about finding buyers on your own? How much more money might it bring? I present realistic possibilities, and you decide.

Often, I prepare a piece for sale by cleaning and photographing it, and advising you about issues of quality, condition and style.

In the end, people may decide to consign their jewelry to me; or sell it to a buyer they find, or keep it. Whatever you do, you will do it with full confidence.

If we agree that I sell your jewelry, we review the terms of my consignment agreement. I pay owners immediately for quick sales; and within 30 days for sales to end users (depending on return policies in force). Your items are insured at all times on my secure premises and when shipped to prospective buyers.

I have helped hundreds of Oklahomans make the right decisions for disposing their jewelry. Please call me at (405) 843-7856 or contact me here to find your best solution.


My consultation fee is $75 per half-hour (pro-rated by ten-minute increments after the first half-hour). If we agree to a consignment, I may waive all or a portion of this fee. Consultation is not given in writing. I encourage you to take notes and ask any questions you wish.