New Jewelry from the Trade

I've been in this business for thirty-nine years. My father, and his father before him, spent their whole lives in the same family business I started in, too. For a lot of reasons, the jewelry business is a family affair, so, when it comes to obtaining jewelry for you to see on approval, it definitely helps to have the background that I do. Even more important is having acted extremely reliably with my sources, exactly as I do with my customers and clients. People in the trade know who I am and what to expect; in short, they trust me. That means I can get what you want.

The process moves quickly, with goods arriving via overnight mail. It is true, some things may take a few days to find, but usually I can identify the best source (or two) and have a selection of pieces in for you to consider. I take nothing for granted and work to earn your business; but the opportunity to meet you and make a friend is really more important than making any single sale. You never have any more obligation after you give me that. If you love the thrill of participating in the search and ending up with something that no one else has, please contact me.

Bold Cultured Pearl Necklaces

Diamond Studs and Bracelets

Fine Italian jewelry from the house of Vergano

A Testimonial

Dear Scott - Thank you so much for the rings - I've had them on for less than a day and already have gotten 3 compliments! Most important, though, is that while they are lovely I have a story to go with them - how you helped me get them! Always best, Pat (September 2016)


Diamond Wedding Rings

Wedding bands by OGI

Wedding bands by OGI

Durable "mini"bands, by a New York manufacturer.

Durable "mini"bands, by a New York manufacturer.

Stacking Mini Bands