Custom Design & Manufacture

Since 1991, I have provided new jewelry to hundreds of customers. I help you find the vision of your ideal jewelry by listening to you and observing your style, exchanging photographs and sometimes turning for inspiration to my extensive library of design ideas. Then I turn this vision into reality by finding the finished piece; or gathering choices for center gemstones and mountings. If custom design and manufacture are required, I provide my own sketches or CAD renderings from one of my jewelers. No matter which process we follow, you are in control every step of the way and your satisfaction is guaranteed. My goal is to give you jewelry of high quality at the lowest possible cost with old-world expertise and service in the intimate atmosphere of a private salon. I am ready to be your personal jeweler. Please call 843-7856 or contact me.


The lost wax casting method starts with a model that is used to make a mold, both of which you see here. Then, the mold is used to make a wax replica, which is burned out of plaster-of-paris. The resulting cavity is filled with molten precious metal...


Some items are hand-fabricated, like the setting for this fine rubellite tourmaline. (All pieces on this page were created by Scott Gordon Jeweler Gemologist.)


...which cools into the desired shape. The casting is hand-finished and used to make the final piece. Here, a pair of change-of-color garnet and diamond earrings.

rainbow pyrite-reedit-resize

Rainbow pyrite pendant with small diamond, also hand-made.

Silver models for earrings

Silver models for earrings with sprues, to make molds.


Models of fancy chain links.